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Winning Isn't Everything

Winning Isn't Everything

Monday, Jun 06, 2016 by Mark Gunter *

The year is 2012. Meghan Voghel, a 17-year-old high school athlete had just won the race of her life to become the 2012 Ohio state champion in the 1,600 meter event. But what happened next was even more memorable for this talented and beautiful young woman.

Meghan still had the 3,200 meter race to run, and she was exhausted. She decided to run anyway, determined to finish all events.

When Meghan turned the corner on the final lap, she was in last place. Just ahead of her ran Arden McMath, a runner from a rival school. It seems McMath was having a tougher time than Vogel: As McMath neared the finish line, she collapsed on the track. Vogel caught up, but instead of running past, Meghan stopped and helped the fallen runner up, then held her up all the way to the finish line. Just before they crossed it, Vogel pushed McMath ahead of her, so that McMath would cross the line first.

Folks, that's the type of sportsman that makes me proud to be a human! Meghan Vogel's act of sportsmanship made headlines around the world. She could never understand what the fuss was about.

Vogel helping McMath

* Originally published Monday, Jun 06, 2016, last updated on Monday, Jun 06, 2016


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