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My Eastman MD315 Mandolin is For Sale, Labor Day 2017

My Eastman MD315 Mandolin is For Sale, Labor Day 2017

Saturday, Oct 14, 2017 by Mark Gunter *

I'm selling my Eastman F Style mandolin.

- Low action setup

- Guardian case

- Electronic tuner

- Comfortable strap

- Extra set of D'Addario EJ74 strings

- McCung Armrest

- New EXP74CM strings already installed as well

I need a quick sell on this item, so I am offering a bargain. Mandolin Cafe member? Buy it through the Mandolin Cafe Classified Ads at the Cafe website. Not a Cafe member? It's up for a three day auction at eBay starting bid $450.00


Want to hear more? More videos of this mandolin at the bottom of this page.

Mandolin Cafe Classifieds Ad:
Note: Cafe ad expires 21 days from time of this publication, or sooner if item sells on Ebay

Ebay auction:
Note: Ebay auction is a three day event only!

More Videos of this mandolin being played

* Originally published Sunday, Sep 03, 2017, last updated on Saturday, Oct 14, 2017


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