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The Bluesmen: Bo Carter

The Bluesmen: Bo Carter

Monday, Feb 29, 2016 by MarksCarts *

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Bo Carter was born Armenter Chatmon on a plantation outside of Bolton, Mississippi, in 1893, into a house full of stringed instruments. His mother played the guitar. His father played the fiddle. Bo and his siblings (nine brothers) were naturally musical, and sveral became professional musicians. Early on, the boys began performing together at barn dances and parties. Later, several of the Chatmon brothers and Bo joined up with Walter Vinson. Each was proficient on several musical instruments, and they formed a string band known as The Mississippi Sheiks.

Bo's first known recording session came in 1928 when he began recording under the name 'Bo Chatmon'. He recorded the original version of Corrina, Corrina that year, a song that later became a hit for Big Joe Turner, and has become a staple in blues, bluegrass and rock music. In 1930, the recording industry discovered the group, The Mississippi Sheiks. Thus began a long and productive recording career for Bo Carter.

Bo is especially known for his "bawdy" songs, as he recorded a great number of songs with obvious sexual innuendo, eg, Let Me Put My Banana In Your Fruitbasket, It's Too Wet, Don't Mash My Digger In So Deep, Your Biscuits Are Not Big Enough For Me, etc. Actually, Bo has quite an extensive catalog of songs (many of which can be heard in the archives of my site here), and many other great blues tunes that do not have such graphic appeal.

Sometime in the 30's or early 40's Bo Carter's sight deteriorated, and he began to work outside the music industry. He suffered several strokes in later years, and died in Memphis on September 21, 1964.


Bo Carter Song Archive

This site contains a playlist of about 112 of Bo Carter's recordings, so be sure to listen to this incomparable catalog of acoustic blues.

Acoustic Blues Music Educational Program

I invite you to listen freely and enjoy these 112 early tracks recorded by Bo Carter, and contribute to this site by transcribing the lyrics and sending them to me for addition to the Bo Carter music collection here.

audio Listen to Bo Carter

* Originally published Sunday, Mar 15, 2015, last updated on Monday, Feb 29, 2016


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