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Gunter Family Tree, New World, Pt. 2

1840 - Present

Gunter Family Tree, New World, Pt. 2

Saturday, Apr 23, 2016 by Mark Gunter *

An accounting of my lineage, and of my own immediate family, beginning with my great-grandfather P. C. H. Gunter and ending with a listing of my grandchildren.

Pleasant Calvin Houston Gunter was born on June 23, 1841 in Jackson County Alabama. He married twice, and had 10 children, the youngest of whom was my grandfather, David Elmer Gunter. P. C. H. Gunter was a farmer and a mill worker, and fought for the Confederate State of Tennesse in the American Civil War.

My grandfather, David Elmer Gunter, was born in 1889. He spent his life working for the railroad, and followed the tracks to Louisiana, the state in which I would be born some 66 years later. He went by the name of Elmer.

Donald Elmer Gunter was the second child of Elmer, and was my father. He was known as Don, or Donald E. Gunter, and he had the good fortune of becoming the second husband of Shirley Faye Underwood, thus ensuring that his children would be part of the best family in the world, the Underwoods of Livingston Parish, Louisiana.

I will not add many biographical notes to this geneology at this time, I am only providing here a "bare-bones" skeletal representation of my lineage. Biographical articles on various members of the family will be added as standalone articles in the future.

The numbering of generations continues from my previous article, Gunter Family Tree, New World, Pt. 1, i.e., P. C. H. Gunter is number 6 as he is the sixth generation of our family in America.

6. Pleasant Calvin Houston Gunter(6), b. June 23, 1841 Jackson County Alabama, d. 1913 Morgan, Tennessee
+ Mary Elizabeth Hodge, m. Dec 24 1863, b. Jun 10, 1841 North Carolina, d. Jun 15, 1881
- Hulda Ann Gunter, b. Nov 25, 1864, d. Apr 4, 1956 Morgan Co Tennessee
- Fanny C. Gunter, b. Sep 24, 1866 Tennessee, d. Dec 11, 1947
- Dora F. Gunter, b. Jun 16, 1869 Tennessee, d. 1903
- Charles M. Gunter, b. Jan 7, 1871 White Co Tennessee, d. Mar 26, 1949 Morgan Co Tennessee
- Alice L. Gunter, b. ca. 1873, Tennessee
- Margaret Gunter, b. ca. 1875, Tennessee
- William H. Gunter, b. Mar 15, 1876 Morgan Co Tennessee, d. Feb 10, 1947 Lancing, Morgan Co Tennessee
+ Darthula Dodson, m. Mar 20, 1886 Morgan Co Tennessee, b. Feb 26 1850 White Co Tennessee, d. Dec 24, 1938
- Malinda Gunter**, b. Apr 1885, d. 1914 ???
- Ella May Gunter, b. May 1, 1887, d. May 1, 1910 Morgan Co Tennessee
- David Elmer Gunter(7), b. May 1889 Morgan Co Tennessee, d. January 1, 1942 Houston, Harris Co Texas

7. David Elmer Gunter(7), b. May 1889 Morgan Co Tennessee, d. January 1, 1942 Houston, Harris Co Texas
+ Lola (Lela) Pearl McCart, m. Nov 3, 1914, b. Oct 1, 1894 Texas, d. Dec 23, 1934 Louisiana
- Ella Mae Gunter, b. May 13, 1919 Trenton, MO, d. Jan 29, 1984 Lafayette, LA
- Donald Elmer Gunter(8), b. Apr 17, 1926 New Iberia, LA, d. Oct 19, 1992, Ethel, LA
- David Ray Gunter, b. Jan 20, 1931 New Iberia, LA, d. Feb 25, 1999 Harvey, LA
- Charles Terry Gunter, b. Dec. 11, 1934 New Iberia, LA, d. Oct 4 1953

8. Donald Elmer Gunter(8), b. April 17, 1926 New Iberia, Louisiana, d. Oct 19, 1992 Ethel, Louisiana
+ Shirley Faye Underwood m. May 21, 1953, b. Jul 27, 1929 Watson, LA, d. Nov 7, 1974 Denham Springs, LA
- Donald Mark Gunter(9), b. Jan 3, 1955 Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
- James Roy Gunter, b. Jul 21, 1956 Baton Rouge, LA, d. Jul 28, 2006 Watson, Livingston Parish, LA
- David Wayne Gunter, b. Aug 31, 1957 Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana

My name is Donald Mark Gunter ("Mark"), I live in Clyde, Callahan County, Texas. I have two younger brothers, Jim and David. Jim (James Roy Gunter) died of cancer in 2006, and I have neices, daughters of Jim, who live in Louisiana. David lives in our hometown of Watson, Louisiana and is a well-respected member of the community. I have neices, daughters of my brother David. My mother was married to Henry Corcoran of Denham Springs, Louisiana prior to her marriage to my father, and from their union I have a half-brother and half sister: William Lee Corcoran ("Billy") who was born Nov 8, 1947 and died of cancer the same month and year as Jim, July 15, 2006, and Laura Lynette Corcoran Quirk who was born August 8, 1949 and lives near Opelousas, Lousiana. I have neices and nephews, children of my Corcoran brother and sister.

My children, step-children and grandchildren all live in Texas as of this writing, mostly in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area. As this site grows, I will write more about my family, my extended family and my ancestors - because I love these folk.

9. Donald Mark Gunter(9), b. Jan 3, 1955 Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
+ Barbara Sue Watson, b. Apr 27, 1958
- Joshua Mark Gunter(10), b. Jan 30, 1977 Baton Rouge, Louisiana
- John Underwood Gunter(10), b. Jul 16, 1978 Baton Rouge, Louisiana
      + Betina Foster of Grand Prairie, Dallas County, Texas
      - Angel Marie Gunter(11), b. Apr 25, 1995 Grand Prairie, Dallas County, Texas
      - Johnny Mark Gunter(11), b. Apr 25, 1995 Grand Prairie, Dallas County, Texas
            + Josephina Sanchez, b. Oct 24, 1994
            - Gabriela Elizabeth Sanchez ("Gabby")(12), b. Oct 2, 2012 Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas
- Mary Faith Gunter(10), b. Mar 3, 1980 Baton Rouge, Louisiana
      + William Edward Necessary ("Will") deceased, of Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas
      - Raistlin Wil Necessary(11), b. Jul 8, 2000 Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas
      - Devon Edward Necessary(11), b. Sept 4, 2002 Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas
      + Christopher Parnell of Grand Prairie, Dallas County, Texas
      - Jade Elizabeth Parnell(11), b. Jul 27, 2006 Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas
+ Dianna Saunders ("Denise"), b. Jul 20, 1958 in France
-  Amelia DeSimone(10) ("Amy"), stepdaughter b. Sept 9, 1981 to Dianna Saunders and Nicholas DeSimone
      + Derrick Smith of Dallas, Texas
      - Ariyana Smith(11)
      + Kylon Gray of Arlington, Texas
      - Kylon Gray(11)

* Originally published Thursday, Mar 03, 2016, last updated on Saturday, Apr 23, 2016


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